Business Today | ScaleUp Malaysia announced Vireserve as one of the Top 11 companies shortlisted for Cohort 3!

ScaleUp Malaysia, in partnership with Quest Ventures, Indelible Ventures, and Mranti signalled the culmination of its third cohort with the unveiling of its selection of top startups. The cohort which kicked off in August 2021 drew over 200 applications from 26 countries including Malaysia, the United States, Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. 20 companies were […]

Cybersecurity Startup Technology

2021 Security Landscape

A Year in Cyberthreats Advanced Persistent Threats They may not comprise the majority of attacks, but for high-value organizations, advanced threats are a clear and present cyber risk. What’s more, advanced techniques frequently trickle down to wider members of the cybercrime underground. Advanced persistent threats have made headlines in 2021 with zero-day exploits and supply chain attacks, […]

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