Vireserve human firewall is a cybersecurity awareness e-learning platform critically helping companies to develop & advance security awareness among its workforce. The platform allows companies to take on the role of an attacker and uncover and close weaknesses in both the technical infrastructure and the staff. In short the platform enables companies to improve both their IT-security awareness and test their IT-defenses.


Our Solution

A flexible platform that provides security awareness training & attack simulations.

✓  Test Employees: Attack Simulations
✓  Train: Educate users in +100 languages with +400 E-Learning Modules
✓  Engage: Give employees a «phish report» button to report suspicious E-Mails
✓  Test infrastructure: A malware simulation toolkit to measure the technical risks for end users
✓  Measure: Risk related reports. Measure trends, benchmarks, risky users or departments



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Subscribe to get 15% discount