What is VireVAULT?

VIREVAULT is a software tool that provides a non-intrusive cybersecurity assessment, compliance automation and security protection for day-to-day business operations

By simply scanning your web application URL, VireVault provides an instant actionable insights of;

Security & Performance

the basic state of your internet-based application security posture, performance level and vulnerability risks with correlation to the business impact.

Business Intelligence

a clear and precise recommendation in compliance to industry standard (ISMS 27001, RMiT, PCI-DSS, NIST) and best practices.

Mitigation & Solutions

a guided mitigation in addressing each identified vulnerabilities risks and performance issues in the context of Domain Security, Web Application Security, Infrastructure Security & Web Performance.

What is VireSASE?

VIRESASE is a cloud platform that consists of multiple other platform collaborate into securing network

Best features of VireSASE includes;

  1. Secure Web Gateway
  2. Zero Trust Network Access
  3. Application & API Protection
  4. Network Detection Response
  5. WAN Optimisation


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