Akamai Enterprise Application Access (EAA) is a robust, cloud based solution fronted by an identity-aware proxy with integrated single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and application load balancing that provides only application level access (L7) to authorized & verified users rather than the entire network like VPN access. Critically providing a secure remote access for remote worker and 3rd party vendor while protecting the host/network. In addition, EAA critically hide internal application from the Internet and public exposure.


Key Propositions:

  • Single-pane user access to authorized application ONLY.
  • Corporate bandwidth utilisation meant for application traffic ONLY.
  • Faster traffic traverse over a single-hop global distributed global network. (Global: >300k & M’sia:>1.5k  EdgeServers)
  • Easy and secure access over a Single sign-on & MFA
  • Clientless access via browser / EAA client
  • No internal architecture change
  • Superior of user data analytics & metrics


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